digital photography

December 2018

“With Your Eye’s Closed”

This on-going work is a representation of my comfort and my sense of security with being in the dark. Daylight has a power over most, allowing for a complacent groove to be acquired. We embark on our day communicating with the same people as we did the day before. Traveling the same routes as the day before. At the end of each day we go back into our cages like trained birds as we recall its contentment. We lock the doors to keep the unknown away, for we don't know it. We choose not to participate in it's assignation. The dark challenges us, brings out things we can't explain or understand. For me day time monogamy is challenged by night time undertaking. 

My anxiety and depression have often kept me in the dark and have allowed me a place in its dominion. As my assuagement grew I chose to embrace it. Ultimately I chose to show how I see it. The darkness has become a tool a way to express my inner thoughts and struggles. This work is an outer expression of my inner most struggles.